The FX9 offers various modes of face tracking autofocus. Sony, of course, knows a lot about what serious filmmakers need – as proven by the popularity of its FS7 camera that has been a … It makes for a very good and versatile everyday travel camera that easily fits in your pocket. Should you opt for a locking mount? S-Cinetone And SOOC Colors: In the past, clients have asked me to shoot with the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) colors in mind. One thing Sony tends to do better than many of its competitors in the pro cinema camera market is to read and respond to market segment demand. Next Post. I should not have used face really. The Sony HX99 is a tiny camera with a massive zoom. Keep up to date with all our latest news! Sony PXW-FX9 & PXW-FX6 has 3,986 members. Review of the Sony PMW-200; Sony FS100 and F3 Video Review; Sony NEX-EA50 Review. I shot three interviews with the FX9—and all were very flattering, SOOC. Shoot Number Four–Harbor Shoot: For my last day with the FX9, I decided to capture windsurfers. There is no RAW from this camerea yet, probably we need to wait for update :),the PrRes Raw, can not be edited in Davinci Resolve . As I mentioned earlier, as of today, it only records a 6K image but downsamples it to 4K (UHD). I was impressed, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how clean and low-noise the ISO 4000 looks, particularly if you only have S35 camera experience with ISO 4000, whether with a dual ISO base camera or with just a fixed ISO camera with the gain turned up. In a nutshell, Version 2.0 expands the camera’s shooting and recording capabilities by including FF Crop 5K mode, new 4K DCI options, User 3D LUT support, RAW output support, HDR Support, AF Improvements, added frame rate options for … The low light performance is much better than it was with the Sony FS7 and the image seems fine and clean even at ISO 12.800. Sony FX9 Review – Sensor Modes. All Rights Reserved. With its companion Full-Frame zoom lens, this system is about the same size and weight as Super35 predecessors and still shoots both formats. 16bit RAW and D-Tap for production, and wired LAN and Dual Link capability for live streaming and file transfer to enhance ENG operation. Philip even tried to draw different faces on a whiteboard and he tested when the camera recognizes the drawing as a face. So we didn’t see any regular surfers. But that’s not when I am not carrying an 18-pound camera in one hand, a 22-pound tripod on the opposite shoulder and a 15-pound backpack on my back. (VENICE dual base ISO 500 and 2500). NEX-FS700 In Depth Review. Thank you Philip. It is quite expensive and bulky though. Variable ND Filter System: Sony implemented an electronic variable ND filter into the FS7 MKII, and that same feature carries into the FX9. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Sony didn’t put the same sensor as the FX9 and VENICE in the FX6. As there are not many good oss lenses out there for emount and the gyro stabilization definitely degrades image quality and you cannot even use oss. ... a7s iii fx9 philip bloom sony sony fx6. It’s why Sony has become a powerhouse in the market segment of event, corporate and reality shooting with two models—Sony’s PXW-FS7 and FS7 MKII. Discover FX9, Sony’s full-frame 6K sensor camera with Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone™ colour science. It was also very good when shooting b-roll, landscapes and scenery. A 16x 24-384mm Sony G lens, built-in GPS tracking, full 1080p high-definition video with stereo sound, a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, high-resolution 3-inch screen, manual shooting mode, 10fps continuous shooting, 3D photos, and SD memory card support are all … The FX9’s 15 stops of DR allowed me to hold a decent amount of detail in the windows while illuminating the subject with only two small LED panels and a diffusion disc. Sony says the Exmor R sensor provides 15+ stops of dynamic range and has a dual base ISO at 800 and 4000. The FX9 S-Cinetone Gamma setting helped me to easily and quickly dial in an image straight out of camera that looks really good, like this interview shot at a post house screening room with a film restoration expert. It was predictable and ergonomically sound, and, most importantly, my clients found the footage to be great for their needs. You need to pay $2,199 extra for a locking EF mount (called EF-C) from Canon. The Sony FX6 has arrived to great acclaim.. No Film School got hands-on with FX6, and we thought it a fantastic camera complete with features you want as a videographer.But that's just our opinion. sorry no. Better and larger screens and more accurate focus assist tools are necessary to pull the manual focus correctly. Whether you're shooting documentaries, events, reality TV, education, or corporate productions, the PXW-FX9 XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System from Sony has you covered with its powerful and flexible 4K interchangeable lens camera system. But on the FX9, you’ll find a new gamma and look called S-Cinetone, which is straight out of camera, and its color that is supposedly profiled to resemble the color science from the Sony Venice, which produces very nice, accurate, flattering skin tones. The FX9 offers a new S-Cinetone color profile, which Philip used a lot in the course of his review. Only then it makes sense to start using it. it is just the touch of a left or right when you have a yellow cursor one the box, just like any other camera. B4 mou… It has a 16-bit RAW output on it via a BNC connector. There’s an external solution, but it’s pricey: You’ll need Sony’s optional XDCA-FX9 extension unit, which costs $2,498 extra. He also tried wearing different masks. 19th November 2020. And while it’s not a perfect cinema camera, when you go down its list of headline features, there is a lot to get excited about. Zunow SWV-E11 11-16mm E-Mount F2.8 Zoom Lens. I need to get my hands on the camera for a longer period to do a proper evaluation. These are exactly the two things that the Sony FX9 aims to fix. In my view, no, or at least, very few do. But like it or not, the digital cinema camera business has turned into a sensor- and raster-size arms race. Sony FX6 on the new Sachtler Aktiv head with a Flowtech tripod. Thanks! In many real-world scenarios, however, it was performing very well and the AF was reliable most of the time. With the FX9, Sony provides a potential option for RAW capture. The FX6 uses Sony’s E-mount for attaching lenses, making it compatible with more than 50 native lenses and countless dozens third-party lenses. The FX9 uses the physically larger 6K native full-frame sensor, which measures 35.7mm x 18.8mm. There’s a possibility that it might in the future, but it’s uncertain if Sony will ever offer an upgrade for the FX9 to capture 6K resolution video. Sony FX6 view with the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS lens. The first time I see in a video how complicated it is to select another face with the joystick. The stabilisation doesn’t work on long clips shot at UHD 60p. So this is why I haven't uploaded a video to YouTube since December! What’s more is that the FX9 only shoots higher frame rates if you window the sensor down to S35 size. Face-Only Mode stays on the subject’s face and when it disappears from the frame, the camera does not refocus to the background. Currently, the FX9 has a firmware version 1.0, but it is still missing some features like a full-frame slow-motion, 6K resolution recording (not sure if it will ever come), 4K and 2K DCI modes, a 5K crop mode, and some other features, many of which are coming later with future firmware updates, expected in summer 2020. As mentioned in the video, autofocus in video cameras needs to really be accurate, smooth, and reliable. The Sony FX9 full-frame cinema camera has been out on the market for a few months now.
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