I followed the directions exactly and it overflowed all over my oven. Hi Alexandra, I’d go with the coconut oil. Is the oven temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Would not change a thing. I made it yesterday, and ate it today, held up nice. bake for 55 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. I made this last Thanksgiving to accommodate a guest who doesn’t care for pie (not sure how that’s possible!) Definitely the new family favorite. Perfect gingerbread taste! The gingerbread is amazing!! MY MOM WAS FROM KENTUCKY, AND THOSE SOUTHERN COOKS KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE BEST GINGERBREAD,, SHE ALWAYS TOPPED OURS EITHER A LEMON SAUCE OR RAISIN SAUCE .. My daughter said “this is sooo good!”. -Your oven temperature may be slightly off. This looks incredible! But the fresh ginger taste is strong and wonderful. Gingerbread, spices, cookies and holidays, here we come. Turned out absolutely divine served with double cream. Hi there. Loved by kids and adults alike, this old-fashioned gingerbread is the perfect treat to keep on hand during the holidays. I’ve not had this experience before with other gingerbread recipes. This gingerbread cake is moist and full of flavour! Hello, Rhubarbarians! The gingerbread overshadowed the gingerbread ice cream. I see their website lists it as used for cakes, cookies, pies etc. Do you mean it’s crumbling? We've got a Christmas classic for you today: homemade gingerbread! When I cut the cake, a lot of pieces ripped. Same temp as well? In our eyes, this gingerbread is PERFECT! Heavily spiced, gingery, dark and dense. Mix together the molasses, sugar, and oil. This will definitely be my go to recipe for Gingerbread. This was amazing! Easy and foolproof! My childhood memories are of having applesauce on top and am forward to trying this! They’ll be small muffins–you could do 1 1/2 times the recipe to make them a little bigger but keep in mind that they won’t dome like cupcakes do. An old fashioned classic gingerbread loaf cake, Easy stir fry sauce recipe (vegan, vegetarian), Cheesy mushroom toast with mustard and thyme, How to make homemade cranberry sauce (jellied or whole berry). I would like to make it for Christmas dinner, if I can correct these issues. Worth making! Robust molasses has a much stronger taste. Can I safely double the recipe, using a 13 ” pan? Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. If you love fresh ginger, this is the ginger-cake for you! November 27, 2017 at 11:03 am. Thank you for the gingerbread recipe I’ve been searching for, Jenn! Thanks so much for this recipe! The flavor is great, but the mess is not. and it ended up being one of the most popular desserts that day. Let the gingerbread cool and prepare your icing. I will take longer to bake – I’d start checking it at about 50 – 55 minutes. Sorry! Yes, thanks for catching that, Jessica – it has been corrected. I’ll be making this again. The gingerbread is flavorful and moist -I’m not a baker so this recipe and your entire blog has given me hope. Using fresh ginger in gingerbread gives it an intense ginger flavor, while keeping a freshness that you won't get from dried ginger. Considering this for tonight since we finally have fall in Nashvillle! I stumbled across your recipe this morning and made it today for dinner with our neighbours… it was perfect, quick and super yummy! The butter-sugar mixture got spread over the bottom of the pan, the peaches were arranged in a nice design on top of that, then the batter was poured over the whole thing. 2nd Question: I’d like to dress it up and serve it with a caramel sauce and whipped cream. Thank you for the recipe and for helping us make a new holiday tradition! Really like the texture and flavor of this recipe. This is Janny’s new recipe! Thank you. Best I have ever made. How long would you recommend to bake in a loaf pan?
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