Your email address will not be published. -CUR, I Need code flor energy sistem Tv2090 for chunghop 2125 -CUR. Devant TV Remote Codes are here. Hello, what is the code for DVD player MITSAI DP831H? Elle, Check the SONY TV Remote Control Codes page here. Four digit codes for Chunghop universal remote controls E885, RM-101, RM-96, RM-969E, … Manual search: Press and hold … Can you find me a code for that TV (cdr king)? Thank you, Hello can I have a code for telefunken model THT-300 home theater system, Cuál es el código para aire acondicionado AUKIA, Code for Hisense TV please (Chunghop RM-L14), Great remote controler,I manage to cotrol LG DVD receiver,also Panasonic DVD recorder!Thank you for help us all! How to setup Chunghop remote rm-09c on TV? I need a 3 digit code for my Sharp Home Theater DVD HT-CN690DV. i already lost the manual. I am having a Sony DVD player and I want to program it with a Chunghop universal remote. Can you please help me to find code for dvd rubin dvr-206. I bought that brand Chunghop universal remote but it does not work on my TV cdr king brand. Just need volume on the telly. A total of 8 different 3-digit code groups are available. Once you find out how to program it, the codes for your Sony DVD player will be: 1533, 1981, 1070, 1903, 1934, 1133, 1033, 0573, 1069, 1904, 1017, 31033, 31069, or 31070. What is the 4 digit code for TOPCONPRO egoled tv. I can get DVD functions to work but want to use the Chunghop universal remote for AUX Opt surround sound function as well. I have a Onn AO15LB, a Chunghop H-1880E remote. Chunghop e-t908 remote for TCL TV and I dont know how to connect it. We do not have a database for AC remote codes. A total of 8 different 3-digit code groups are available. I would really love the code for a Vivo Tv model A32L07T using a Chunghop remote. You may need to purchase a new remote control for your Almacom AC. Do you have any codes for this? Chunghop RM-88E . My remote is CHUNGHOP 2133 Need a code for my Hyundai RDVD 203 Player. -CUR. -CUR, Naim, Hi. How to teach IR Learn Remote Control CHUNGHOP … If not, try the next code from your brand's list. can u help me with code . thanks, Hi is there a code for a Victory V6200 free view box please. I’m using XMA-268DVD player, i can’t find remote control codes… please help? I want code number for upson udv 2222m dvd player .. tq. Cheers! Sasa, I need the code to program an Auria 32 inch Tv to a Chunghop L988 Remote. -CUR. Try these 3 digit remote codes for SONY Bravos TVs = 128, 380, 002, 006, 013, 071. Hello, my DVD player is a Cyberhome DVD CH-300. Sherif bojan, -CUR. The different is some function may not work. There are plenty of universal remote codes for your favorite Chunghop universal tv, we have mentioned all the codes for most usable tv’s with this chunghop remote rm-88e, rm-133e and other remotes we can operate our favorite tv like samsung, aiwa, sanyo and so on.. we mentioned all types of codes like three digit, four digit, and also five digit too. You have Chunghop TV or Chunghop Remote? SUMISHI TV Remote Codes = 1075, 1275, 1091, 1231, 1347, 1274, 1052, 1160, 1157, 1037, 1288 To be sure… Is it INEC tv or NEC tv? Hulisani jack, I need the code for Azma Simbis DVD-515k Player using Chunghop universal remote. Remote Codes 022 or 023 for Devant TV. -CUR. Hello, I have a Sceptre TV, and I was just wondering what the code was for that. Can you explain me the process? That is not a familiar DVD maker name. Mark Hartley, -CUR. I bought remote model RM-88E, my dvd player brand is GC. Hi, may I request for a code for my Devant LCD TV? I have a Chunghop RM-133E but i don’t find a code to a tv Nokia. Chunghop universal remote code for samsung dvd ht-q20.. Hi , can I get the code for Laser DVD model HD008. I’m using Chunghop universal remote. Samsung: 618, 619, 620, 621 I just buy a chunghop RM-309EX universal remote i just need a code for my SONY bravo lcd tv model:BL40B352. 3. If these remote codes do not work, please give us the model number of your Devant TV. Hi! -CUR, Can I get for sharp dvd player DV-SL1400 using CHUNGLAP RM-230E. Scanned copy of the original manual and codes in PDF format. 1. I got the remote model CHUNGHOP RM-230 EX. I have the I would like to know if I can use the universal remote for my AWA DVB-T model DT2030? -CUR. Maureen, Please help find the code for Ganzklar DVD/vcd/cd player. Chunghop RM-88E 3-in-1 universal remote control. -CUR. Chunghop SON-302 universal TV remote control. Have you tried NEC TV Remote Codes: 003, 004, 005, 009, 010, 085, 089, and 095. I need a code for a tv called ANBONN there is no code in the list. What is the procedure to set up this remote for polytron tv? Philips: 013, 023, 024 Can you help me? If you have a remote for which you know the codes (or a web page that lists them) head to the contact page to submit them. If so I will need the code? I am owning Chunghop RM-88E. Download >> Download Chunghop l336 manual Read Online >> Read Online Chunghop l336 manual chunghop l336 codes rm-230e universal dvd remote control manual l336 learning remote codes chunghop universal remote manual english chunghop l336 pdf chunghop rm-139ex code list chunghop rm-88e how to program chunghop universal remote You can also do a point to point search of brand codes … I have ante rm-309es universal tv remote. With this Chunghop K-1028E. All Other Brands: 036, 044, 057, 073. Cheers . -CUR. Samsung: 618, 619, 620, 621. Can you give me the code for TV LED Exolys. Tasza, Facebook. -CUR, Lucky, I bought Chunghop H-1880E remote controller. I have an old Sky Vision DVD player, but the only codes I’ve found are for SAT, not DVD players. The codes 024, 040, 098, 417-426 and 910 does not work. The universal remote I purchased is RM-230E and requires a 3-digit code.Thank you, in advance. Thanks. Can you tell us the model number of your Chunghop Universal Remote? I need code for Akita pd-3178e DVD. Do you have the Chunghop Universal Remote control code for a SAST 2051 DVD Player? Kogan LED TV Remote Codes Are: 0418, 0641, 0714, 0726, 0754, 0779, 0816, 1190, 2267, 1404, 0037, 0587, 0371, and 0218 -CUR, Pls i need code for Best Buy Easy Home Combo O8 (The instructions cover the models SON-302A, SON-302B and SON-302C.) I have the universal remote Chunghop RM-418 and the codes 369, 407, 454, 455 not work. -CUR. I need remote control codes for Highlander DVX 5850 DVD/ divX player. -CUR. I have remote chunghop rm-139Ex . I bought a CHUNGHOP L336 remote and I WANT TO ACTIVATE FOR SATELLITE RECEIVER TIGER T1 HD How can I program my Chunghop remote control to this device? Most are in image file and you can scroll down the list to find the remote code for the TV you need to program or the DVD player. CHUNGHOP remote codes TVeval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'codesforuniversalremotes_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',116,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'codesforuniversalremotes_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',114,'0','0']));CHUNGHOP remote codes DVD. Dynn, How do I program them with the cChunghop learning remote that I have to work with my Apex TV and Philips DVD player? Can you possibly get the EXACT remote? Use the remote code 3231 for PENSONIC LCD TVs. I want Device Code for ChunGhop Remote (Universal Remote) and Code for Sony Wega Japan TV. I need remote code for Avox Dvd player Model ADS-260CW, Can I get the code for next base model NB – 831, Mitch, I would like to request a code for a Samwon TV using Chunghop RM-139E remote. Samsung BLU RAY DVD device codes: 3324, 3343, 3351, 3390, 3397, 3418, 3429, 3454, 3466, 3517, 3521, 0517, 0600, 0771, 0847, 0926, 1071, 1102, 3317 -CUR, INEC tv.. cannot fine from manual.. i need INEC tv code please. I have an Chunghop H-1880E remote. Thanks. T70 528, Jamshid, -CUR, Kuala Sison, Rey, I need to get the code for my Exion brand DVD player. What is the UNIVERSAL code for XORO HRT 1510? DL, The dvd player is a sinotec 3012USB. I need codes for Palsonic LCD TV (Model TFT V81PBHDT) please. If you have lost your air conditioner remote and purchased a universal AC remote, the codes we have listed will work with your brand of air conditioner. Need a code and explanation…. Centrix DVD Player Remote Codes are 0698, 0056, 0780, and 0826. 19. -CUR. I need a code for VDIGI DVD. Could I have the code for Kailuola DVD player on the remote model Rm-88e. Thanks, Hello….what code for dvd isonic?? I need a Remote Code for Lexing DVD 3900 for my Chunghop rm 309 es Remote Control. What is the 3 digit code for Kogan LED TV please? I need the remote codes for an Ecco LCD TV. I have an NEC plasma TV model PXT-42XD1. Can you help? Can I please get the code for a Logik LCD-37FHDA TV. I am looking for a code to set the CHUNGHOP RM-408EX remote to the Fortec Mercury II satellite receiver. -CUR. December 22, 2011. -CUR, i need to know how to program a Chunghop H-1880E remote, that has been put onto no-setting function, for my 46 inch sanyo tv, Adam, -CUR. -CUR, Aniesa, Salim, Hisense: 676, 677, 707, 898. Could I get the control code for – Phileo A-39A digital karaoke hi-fi amplifier. Philips DVD Remote Codes: 0539, 0646, 0885, 0503, 1914, 1911, 0675 Of course, someone always needs the Controller and in spite of my good intentions, I never change the code back to our Panasonic. I purchased E-C910 Chunghop remote control. I bought Chunghop H-6998E remote controller. Remote codes for Tevion TV: 0556, 0037, 0714, 0668, 1037, 1137, 2032, 1800, 1787, 1687, 1645, and 1556. -CUR, Clarisse libarios, Hello I have a remote chunghop RM-101 and I need a code for my sony DVD player DAV-DZ260 I will return it to the shop. James, Insignia TV Universal Remote Control Codes, remote control for Almacom air conditioner, Remote Control Codes For Summit TVs – RV Televison, Remote Control Codes For DIRECTV (How To Setup), How To Control The Volume Of A Soundbar Using Your CABLE or SAT Remote, Universal UR5U-8780L Remote Control AUTO SEARCH FOR CODES, Gmatrix Universal Remote Control A-TV2 TV Remote Codes (Big Button), Inteset Universal Remote Control Programming. I need a code for LEONA Enigma-HD 849 DVD player. For Highlander DVD Player, try the remote code 1561. I need Chunghop remote codes for an XMA DVD Player. I hold “set” And when I hold the volume nothing happened. -CUR, Need code for Grundig TV. Use the remote code 31394 to control your Tamashi DVD player. APEX TV Remote Codes: 10879, 10748, 10767, 11991, 10890, 10889, 11531, 10156 Status: Open ; Question Views: 15145; Answer Count: 1; Vote Up 4 Vote Down ; Answer Accepted: No; Question Category: Hardware; SHARE. -CUR. My remote is CHUNGHOP RM-230E. I bought a RM-398E Chunghop remote, and I need code for my Tamashi DVD player. Twitter. Code for Almacom air conditioner AC please. ChunGhop RM-139E Universal TV Remote. Please help. Code for SAMSUNG BD-P3600 BLU RAY PLAYER PLS! I got the remote model CHUNGHOP RM-L688, Need Code for adler pro k-6 dvd player (Chunghop RM-88E), Hi, Im looking for the chunghop remote code for dvd brand COBY. Use the Philips TV Remote Codes page to program your Chunghop Universal Remote Control. Check our Sceptre TV remote codes page. -CUR, Chunghop universal remote code for Messo DVD, Candy, -CUR, I need code for my Vivax Tv. The number behind remote cover is JX7077A. Here we have many different codes for TV and DVD. Need remote code for Akira DVD player HTS-48DVD. Try using the codes 396, 405 for your LG DVD. What’s the Code for Pensonic DVD player 99k series model? chunghop KE universal a/c remote but i lost the table code and my ac is eolia, can anyone help me Try to to download the user manual to chunghop. I have a universal remote Chunghop Rm-136E. Can I please get a Sony Blue ray code to input into my universal remote for a BDP-S380? Three digit code. I have Chunghop RM-L14. -CUR, Hana, Logik TV Remote Codes = 0060, 0016, 0011. What’s the code for AKAI TV? I have a device DVD, SilverCrest KH6507. I need the code for TelStar DVD player. The remote codes for the LG 42LD460 – TA TV are not in our database. Help me find the three digit code for a MEDION television. Try program code 023 or 024 for your Devant TV. 2. I seem to have lost the manual for my Chunghop RM-88E remote control. 27 Dec Very cheap and the best Chunghop York air conditioner remote control replacement. I bought the remote Chunghop 316sp, I do not find the codes of the digital terrestrial receiver “Telesystem”, how can I do? Would you please let me have the codes of: IS THERE ANY WAY HOW TO MAKE IT WORK LIKE HOW TO PROGRAM THE CODE? Can you send me code for TV star T910 Digital TV Receiver? Model LE42K300c. TV model is Normande ND-3276. The code for Nextbase DVD player is 2422. Scanned copy of the original manual and codes in PDF format. I have a CHUNGHOP RM-230E UNIVERSAL DVD REMOTE. I need to configure it for my JVC TV, (I know its old). -CUR, Christian, Using Chunghop E810 remote. Tan Wee Clyde, If there is no codes and this remote will not work on my TV please let me know so I can return it and get my money back and purchase one that will. Eau Chong Aik, Chungchop RM-88E code for Pioneer VCD Component VS66 please…. Here are explanation of the codes to help you understand what each button on the remote does. My remote model is rm-88e and i want a code for my JSW dvd player. Thanks for replying, but only 3 digit-code works.