Coyotes will eat just about anything they come across – rodents, rabbits and hares, beavers, muskrats, birds, even garbage. As wolf populations declined, coyotes spread to inhabit areas their larger cousins once controlled. And a single coyote can eat a lot of fawns. As Professor Mike Chamberlain from the University of Georgia told a National Deer Alliance gathering in 2015: “Twenty years ago, I thought all the deer remains we found in a coyote’s winter diet came from scavenging. Coyotes don’t cache their leftover food. According to research on stomach samples conducted by Shippensburg University, coyotes do indeed eat deer more than anything else. Have coyotes killed deer hunting yet? Overharvesting animals. In fact, … In fact, the researchers documented five other likely coyote-on-moose kills, but evidence couldn’t verify the predator. It’s just like weeding. Miller recently shared with me just how effective trapping truly is. But will you let them? …uncovered. Several weeks before the pups are born, the coy… There’s a new player in town. It’s called the coyote. “And people today everywhere are still doing coyote-whitetail studies. Reactions: alexa009. It’s sad. Increased pressure. That’s a good question. So in essence, many of our state agencies are hindering themselves when it comes to helping deer populations. According to Dr. Karl Miller, a whitetail biologist with the University of Georgia, fawn mortality, coyote food habits, correlational data, and removal studies all show that these canines are having a significant effect on deer populations throughout most of the country. Please let me know the ratio of next day recoveries and of those how many where eatin on by a coyote? Can you eat coyote? So it’s possible the coyotes followed the deer. There is a lot of data to show that coyotes aren’t only a factor in managing deer herds, they’re also capable of destroying populations of whitetails over time. They’re predators.”. For me 5 recovered the next day none ate by a coyote. That’s a big difference. I came across this last week in Kansas while pheasant hunting. Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease continues to hurt populations. Chronic Wasting Disease continues to spread across the country. …eaten starting at the hind end. There are some theories that go as far to say that our own man-made bridges across major rivers like the Mississippi helped them to spread. In more open country (like the western U.S.) I think you likely can kill enough via hunting, but I don’t think it’s possible in the East. It must be a way of life if you want things right.”. In fact, they can drive them even lower unless wildlife managers reduce hunting quotas for antlerless deer. However, it’s a relatively safe bet that many, if not most, of the deer they consumed in June and July were fawns. Aug 31, 2011 #2 southerndesert B & M Chicken Ranch. Of 70 collared fawns that were killed, 49 of them died within the first three weeks of birth. “Even if you had ready access everywhere, I doubt anyone, anywhere, will ever kill enough coyotes to make a difference on deer herds. An Ohio study recently showed that bowhunters saw three times the coyotes from the stand in 2011 as compared to in the ‘90s. Is It Time to Rethink Fall Turkey Hunting. Kilgo said coyotes are quick to adapt and even quicker to fill gaps in their range. And the Biggest. Countless other diseases threaten whitetails on a daily and annual basis, too. We seem to find several deer killed by coyotes along fencelines, as if coyotes trap the deer against the fence or run the deer into the fence and kill it by injury. Increased predation. This is the my best Komodo Dragon footage ever! I no longer believe that. Most deer hunters can agree on one thing about coyotes: They can be hell on fawns, muley or whitetail, especially during a fawn’s first six weeks of life. I've also heard plenty of eye witness testimony telling of adult deer being killed. DEAD COYOTES EAT NO DEER. “After that, even young pups generally sleep in the woods – even on nasty, rainy days” (Way 2012). Disease is another factor. I have seen firsthand evidence of them killing adult deer. Heffelfinger and the rest of the scientific community think both feats would require intense, permanent, landscape-level trapping. Still, even if we believe coyotes can drive deer herds to unhuntable levels, can we do anything to permanently remove or neutralize this native predator, which many hunters deem a four-legged poacher? And there in lies the problem. The deer hunting conservation space is changing in a big way this summer. AnimalSake discusses the reason for this while also providing information about their eating habits. Further, research from Canada and Western states previously found that “persecuted” coyote populations generate larger litters in response, especially when older adults are around to do most of the breeding.